America and the World Since 1945 by T. G. Fraser, & Donette Murray: stock image of front cover.

America and the World Since 1945 by T. G. Fraser, & Donette Murray (Hardcover, 2002)

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America and the World Since 1945 by T. G. Fraser, & Donette Murray

American foreign policy is fundamental to any understanding of how the post-war world has been shaped.

This insightful and wide-ranging book analyses the policies pursued by each presidency from that of Harry Truman to George W. Bush, and reviews the far-reaching consequences of these actions. Taking into account the most recent research and scholarly interpretations, T. G. Fraser and Donette Murray examine the priorities of each successive administration and how these have had to adapt under the pressure of events on a global scale.

America and the World since 1945 - focuses on the origins and course of the Cold War - explains major crises and developments, such as the Truman Doctrine, the nature of containment, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Berlin, arms control and detente - features analysis of how America became involved in armed conflict, as in Korea, the Gulf, the Balkans and Vietnam - looks at American action in relation to the Arab-Israeli conflict, as well as interventions in Latin America and Africa - traces the evolution of policy towards China - studies conventional diplomacy alongside the use of intelligence and covert activity - examines the dynamics of the post-Cold War world.

Clear in its approach, this book is essential reading for anyone with an interest in America's relationship with the rest of the world from the end of the Second World War up to the aftermath of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in September 2001.


Format: Hardback | 323 pages

Dimensions (cm): 22.3 x 14.2  x 2.2 | 544g

Publication Date: 28 Aug 2002

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Publication City/Country: Hampshire, United Kingdom

Language: English

Edition Number: 1

ISBN10: 033375431X

ISBN13: 9780333754313


Condition: Good

A vintage book that has been read but is in good condition. Very minimal damage to the cover including very, very minor scuff marks along the edges, but no holes or tears. The dust jacket has been lost and is NOT included. All pages are undamaged with no creasing or tearing, no pencil underlining of text, no highlighting of text, no writing in margins. No missing pages.