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Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe (Paperback, 2009)

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Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe

Doctor Faustus is a play about desire: for the best in life, for knowledge, power, material comfort, and influence. Faustus sells his soul to the devil hoping to learn the secrets of the universe, but is fobbed off with explanations which he knows to be inadequate. He is obsessed with fame, but his achievement as a devil-assisted celebrity magician is less substantial than it was previously as a scholar.

Marlowe's most famous play is a tragedy, but also extremely funny. It involves hideous representations of the Seven Deadly Sins, and of Helen of Troy, the world's most beautiful woman. With its fireworks and special effects, it was one of the most spectacular and popular on the Elizabethan stage. Yet, ever since Marlowe's death, it has been regularly rewritten. Its mix of fantastical story, slapstick, and raw human emotion still arouses conflicting interpretations, and presents us with endlessly fascinating problems.

This student edition is based on the earlier so-called A-text of the play, with the B-text scenes included in an appendix. It contains a lengthy Introduction with interpretation of the play in its historical and cultural context, stage history, discussion of the complex textual problems, and background on the author, date and sources. Christopher Marlowe (1564-1593) was one of the foremost English dramatists of the Elizabethan era and a contemporary of William Shakespeare. Ros King is Professor of English at the University of Southampton, and Director of the Centre of Medieval and Renaissance Culture. She is author of several books including "The Winter's Tale," for Palgrave's Shakespeare Handbook Series and editor of "Comedy of Errors "for Cambridge's New Shakespeare Series.


 Paperback | 160 pages

 129 x 198 x 10mm | 140g


 Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

 Methuen Drama

 London, United Kingdom



 Revised edition




Condition: Very Good

A book that does not look new and has been read but is in excellent condition. No obvious damage to the cover. No missing pages, no creases or tears. The introduction page has 7 lines highlighted in orange highlighter, but no other underlining/highlighting of text or writing in the margins. Very minimal wear and tear.