The People of Ireland by Patrick Loughrey: stock image of front cover.

The People of Ireland by Patrick Loughrey (Hardcover, 1989)

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The People of Ireland by Patrick Loughrey

From prehistory to modern times many groups of people, each quite distinct in origin, speech, religion and culture, have settled or succeeded one another in Ireland. These various groups that came to make up the people of Ireland did not remain distinct for long, however. They intermarried and interacted in a thousand ways, each influencing and modifying the culture and behaviour of others.

In this book, Ireland's leading historians describe the experiences and achievements of these successive waves of settlers - from prehistoric groups, Celts, Vikings and Normans, through to Scots, English, Anglo-Irish and, most recently, nineteenth- and twentieth- century religious and ethnic minorities.

The People of Ireland challenges the popular conception of 'two traditions' - of planter and Gael, or Protestant and Catholic - in Irish society. With lavish colour and black and white illustrations, it simply demonstrates that there exists in Ireland a broad and diverse range of people, a people who will continue to interact with one and other and with the outside world as they have in the past, emigrating, receiving immigrants and settlers, quarrelling forgetting old ways, and learning new ones.


 Hardback | 192 pages

 171 x 241mm | 764g


 Appletree Press Ltd

 Belfast, United Kingdom


 illustrations (some colour); portraits




Condition: Good

A vintage book that has been read but is in good condition. No obvious damage to the cover. The dust jacket is included and in an acceptable condition (minor scuff marks along the edges, obvious creasing on the back of the cover along with two tears [one tear is about 5cm long, and the other is about 4cm], and minor scratching). Binding is very slightly bent, probably from having other books or heavy objects piled on top of it. All pages are undamaged with no creasing or tearing, no pencil underlining of text, no highlighting of text, no writing in margins. No missing pages. An old and aged, but still very clean, solid and readable copy.